Let us help you

Make the MOST of Technology

As a show of appreciation and gratitude, we are offering exclusively to our existing clients a free technology assessment. This assessment can identify areas where a change in your technological strategy can improve the profitability of your business. We can show you how to improve the efficiency of your processes, your customer’s experiences, or show you your warehouse’s status at any given moment. We typically charge for this assessment but for a limited time, it is yours free of charge or any other obligation.

Why are we doing this?

Simple. We built our company on loyalty, adding value, and being a long-term strategic partner. This is another stepping stone along that path. We want to be your trusted technical experts and we’re happy to invest our time in that.


Here’s how it works…

Choose a date or two that’s convenient for you. If we have an opening, we’ll confirm the schedule. If we’re booked, we’ll ask you to pick another date that works for us both.

The assessment is a web meeting that takes about 30 minutes. In most cases, we’ll have enough information after the web meeting to write up a “score card”, and a road map for improvement.

And that’s it!

Do you have to prepare anything for the assessment? No. We’ll do it all “live”.

Oh… and this is YOUR time – if you have any specific questions about technology, we’ll be happy to answer.