The Secret To Our Success


Initial Discovery

An initial phone call, and one or two in-person meetings is typically enough to understand the operations challenges to be solved, and to estimate a project cost and timeline. We’ll identify:

  • who the stakeholders are
  • what other software assets are already in use
  • and criteria for measuring the success of a solution.
Man with laptop computer hand writing notes
magnifying glass and pen on financial print outs

Detailed Discovery

Through interviews and focus sessions, our Business Analyst (BA) identifies user roles and how each of those roles interact. We document how users cooperate and how they share information. We discover workflow impediments and bottlenecks. The result is a combination of

  • a process re-engineering plan
  • a specification for process automation
  • usability criteria that take users’ skill levels into account
  • a set of screen “wireframes” that serves as a rough system design.

Usability Testing

Our User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) designer sets up a series of Usability Tests, wherein a small group of users are asked to perform their day-to-day tasks using the new Wireframe design. The tests ferret out any rough edges in the wireframe designs so that the finalized wireframes represent a system design that is:

  • intuitive to both experienced and inexperienced users
  • and is easy to learn and use.
Hand drawing a flow chart on glass


Our Art Director designs the look and feel for the final product. It may include branding or rebranding if the application is public facing. It includes:

  • color pallet and typography selection
  • graphic element development
  • and web or mobile app screen layouts and animations.

The end result is a set of screens for the final application.


Our Software and Hardware (for IoT projects) Engineers select the best-fit platform for your unique solution. We design the framework, the system components, and then write the software:

  • We start with Unit Tests (test-driven development).
  • We implement the software to make the application screens come to life.
  • Finally, we perform and end-to-end testing of the completed solutions using a combination of automated and manual testing methods.
person writing code on a laptop computer


We deploy the completed software to a Beta Test platform, and make it available for your team to use and test. Once you approve, we deploy the software to a Production platform for roll-out. The deployment can be to your existing local or cloud server, or we can set up, secure, and configure a new Windows or Linux server in your local network, or in the cloud on Azure, AWS, Linode, or your prefered vender, and then deploy your solution to the new platform.

Life-cycle Support

We provide full life-cycle support, from Business Analysis though upgrades and long-term maintenance. We can provide support just for your team, or for a public applictions, we can provide support for your clients and users.