We Can Redesign And Automate Processes
Or Build New Applications

To Streamline Workflows and Remove Barriers and Waste

Software – IoT – DevOps – Linux

We have decades of experience in computer programming, IoT design and development, DevOps, and Linux System Administration. We’re based in Atlanta GA.

computer programming

Process Automation

Regardless of your existing information technology assets, EM Squared works with you to solve your business challenges using the best technology at the best value. Our approaches include:

  • leveraging your existing systems
  • designing and developing new custom systems
  • integrating third-party APIs
  • leveraging COTS – Commercially Available, Off The Shelf applications
  • integrating FOSS – Free and Open Source Software
computer programming

Self-Serve Web Portals

Depending on your goals and resources, EM Squared builds web-based and self-service portals that provide the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time… leveraging intuitive, simple, “easy to use, easy to adapt” designs for users of all skill sets.


Hardware & Software

From kiosks to barcode & RFID scanners, from smartphones to tablets… EM Squared has the technical and engineering expertise to design, develop, select, integrate, roll-out, and support an integrated solution of devices, applications, and data.

computer programming

Advanced Analytics & Insights

Organizational “downtime” is costly. EM Squared has both the business and technical knowledge and experience to leverage complex data methodologies, like statistical analysis, clustering, classification, and predictive analytics, to provide simple, easy to use, actionable insights to minimize downtime.



Tired of run-away costs of Virtual Data Centers? Tired of your systems “running slow”? Exhausted by manually calculating your capacity planning and scheduling across vendors? Frustrated by not having up-to-date reports… in a useful format? Curious to find out if you can “automate work” and “do more with less.” No matter how small or large your IT frustrations are, give us a call.

Eliminating IT frustration: it’s what we do.


Integrated IoT

EM Squared is one of a few professional service firms with the ability to deliver completely integrated IoT Solutions that include:

  • Sensors to report on your physical infrastructure and manage them automatically
  • Connectivity to enable web portals and automated processes to interact with the sensor data
  • Cloud Integration to tie in your physical infrastructure with your centralized cloud processes and data store
  • Operational Applications that understand, leverage, and operationalize IoT insights